Jeez luize!

Thursday, May 17, 2018
Sucker, Spotted
Really heckin decent!

A most unexpected catch during a light drizzle, it all happened so fast. She was a big female and she was thoughtfull enough to lend me some of her future offspring...all over my rain coat. And pants. And face. Thanks to River Rat for the phots and providing me with a decadent and much needed Vanilla Coke after this catch. You never know what you’ll catch at the round up!! (I did not soil my only clean pair of undies this time)


Corey's picture

It just kicks butt that there are spotted suckers at roundup. You know that would be a record if you had turned it in.

Hengelaar's picture

Man, what an awesome catch!
It seems Spotted Suckers are becoming a Roundup tradition.

Beautiful fish, man!

Fishn sure is neat

andy's picture

Man that is a nice one too.  Big congrats, Goldy!

Mike B's picture

Congrats man!

mike b

Cast_and_Blast's picture

That is a really cool catch.  Congrats man!