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Hello, I just joined roughfish and wanted to introduce myself. I wasn't sure which forum to post this in so chose the general.

My name is Dave and I live in Gilbert, AZ. Most weekends I kayak fish the  lakes and rivers around  Phoenix.
This past February while fishing the salt river, i caught a mess of sonora suckers and became hooked on the fish. Since then I've been trying to find more about angling for nontraditional sports species and this is the first sight I've found dedicated to that pursuit. 
I started adding my documented life list and hope to add more soon.
I am really looking forward to learning from this community.


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Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it and glad that you caught the roughfish fever! smiley Sonora suckers look awesome; their coloring looks a bit like longnose suckers'. I would love to catch either! Can't wait to see lots of pics of 'em!


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Welcome to the site you'll

Welcome to the site you'll find that there is an almost unlimited wealth of knowledge. Whats awesome about our group is we all fish for a wide range of species and we cover different parts of the country! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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One of these days I gotta visit AZ and fish for those Sonoras (and the other natives down in the Lower Basin).  I've caught their cousin in the Upper Basin (Flannelmouth Sucker) when I lived for a couple years in Colorado - now back in Wisconsin.  Do you ever catch any Roundtail Chubs?  I know some waters down there have good numbers of them.

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Welcome to the site.  I look

Welcome to the site.  I look forward to future posts and maybe pics of your catches!!


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Welcome to the brotherhood!


I noticed your Sonora Sucker in the Lifelist section a while ago, and it really took me back to my own adventures on the Salt River! Great memories. So cool to "meet" someone who's fishing there now. I wonder if you know some of the spots where I fished. I wonder what those spots are like now... And I wonder if those monster Roundtail Chub are still around. I fear they're probably gone. Sigh...

Fishn sure is neat

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It's great to know the sucker bug is spreading!

It's great to know the sucker bug is spreading!

Can't wait to see your reports and photos of species that don't exist out here in the middle.

You may not realize it, but there are now dozens of strangers scheming ways to get to Arizona, track you down, knock on your door and get you to lead them to Sonora suckers. I'm one of them.



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Welcome to the insanity, from

Welcome to the insanity, from southwestern Virginia!




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