I'm coming for you Gary

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I'm coming for you Gary

I am in 13th place with 13 species.  I will catch you before the Dutchman arrives.

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yes... it is all going accord

yes... it is all going according to plan... pay no attention to the man in 28th place...

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Ok hot shot... the proverbial

Ok hot shot... the proverbial gauntlet has been thrown and its on like donkey kong! Ill beat you and your brother and still be home in time for shore lunch!!! BRING IT!!!

Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...


angry mongrel
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And here comes the mongrel!

On the fast track to giving up at 26 again ha ha ha! Go Corey! Im rooting for ya man!

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" -Emiliano Zapata

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Agry man gives up at 26 and I might be at 3 since I went out today and can't find my button.


Good luck Corey!
Good luck Gary!


I'm rooting for both of ya!

It is all perspective!

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