I hate bein the problem child but...

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I hate bein the problem child but...

I can't for the life of me figure out why I can't log into the forums from my home computer.  I be usin the same user name and password, but it don't recognize me as a user. Using Explorer at both places. Here at work and also at home. Maybe I am sofa kingdom?

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I kept thinking "Did he get a

I kept thinking "Did he get a new job selling furniture?" Then I realized what you meant. So I too am sofa kingdom, I guess.

Can I interest anyone in a new couch?


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Well, except for the username

Well, except for the username and password, there's not really much that can go wrong ... unless your browser is set up differently.  Try installing Firefox and see if that works?

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Please read from sheets...

Fishn sure is neat

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Hey D.T. - very glad to hear I wasn't the only one having log-in/out overall navigation issues with the new site, too. I got so frustrated I cancelled my account/roughfsh.com membership. The day after I cancelled it, I checked to see if it took, but then I was able to log in...go figure! I took that as a sign I should stay, and my home 'puter and the new roughfish.com incarnation have been communicating adequately ever since. However, I still can't post most of my favorite fish pics anywhere on this new site - computers drive me CRAZY!!!

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