How many contest champs have there been?

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How many contest champs have there been?

Since Doc won it multiple times and I don't know who won it in the years before I found this place, I'm curious how large a fraternity I'd be joining if I were to go out today and catch 30 species.

There ought to be a champions list on the site somewhere, with champs' names and species counts for each year. And there should a physical monument listing them like the side of the Stanley Cup but engraved on a giant silver worm container.

Carp Chaser
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Cool idea, I think there's

Cool idea, I think there's starting to be quite a few. 

"There's always a bigger fish"

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That is a cool idea!

As far as I remember, in previous years it's been Moose, Avid, Avid, Doc, Doc. I think...

A Champeens List would be very cool.


Didn't MNBA win it once, too? Or was there a shared first place..?

Fishn sure is neat

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I shared first place with

I shared first place with Saltydog the first year of the June contests with a measly 26 species. 2005 I think it was.

Of my winnings I still wear my hat on a weekly basis, most of the circle hooks are at the bottoms of various rivers but I have a couple left still, and I think that was the last Twinkie I've eaten. Thanks again, Corey!