Hog smelt

Saturday, December 30, 2017
Smelt, Rainbow
Approximately 11 inches

I should've properly measured this beast. Apparently this is a monster in the world of smelt fishing. Caught during a fine day of pre-New Year's fishing northwest of Ottawa with with Eli and Rex. 


Corey's picture

That's the biggest shmelt I have ever seen!

Hengelaar's picture

Those are such cool looking critters!

Good to see you boys are having fun.

Outdoors4life's picture

I saw some big ones out of Superior but i don't think they were even close. 

I love the teeth on those big uns! Such a predator of the minnow world. 

I am editing to say I would say over 12 for sure. I have seen 11 inchers and that one is larger.

Eli's picture

Mike's a smelt-eating beast

Goldenfishberg's picture

Mother of pearl! That’s what we call a BONIFIED BEAST! 

Hengelaar's picture

"Bonified" sounds a little dirty there, Mr. Berg. Surely that's not what you were going for...

Goldenfishberg's picture

Thank you for pointing out my provactive spelling error Mr. Dutchman! I do beleive I was going for Bonafide here... Bonifide sounds like a place where a guy would go to spend money on...certian services.

BradleyR's picture

Wow! That's huge!! Bigger than any of the ones I've seen in freshwater. Congrats!