Highfin Part Deux

Monday, May 28, 2018
Carpsucker, Highfin
Big in spirit

Yeehaw! Got my first (photographed) highfin of the year! Stood still for the better part of an hour in 99 degree heat and no breeze pitching my bait around the school of carpsuckers until he ate it. Small piece of red worm did the trick. This is my first sightfished carpsucker, too.


andy's picture

That's not an easy nut to crack, congrats Casey.

Hengelaar's picture

Dude, that is awesome! What a sooper cool catch. Those are such beautiful fish. Stylish. I like how you say your "first Highfin of the year"! Any  highfin at all would be a dream catch!

Fishn sure is neat

Divemaster's picture

Nice one man! Carpsuckers are so rad.

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