Help with Saltwater Minnow ID

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Help with Saltwater Minnow ID

Hello evryone,

could you please help me identify these species?

They all been caught around New York City:

1. Possibly the striped killifish (Fundulus majalis), also called the striped mummichog (male and female):


2. Possibly the banded killifish (Fundulus diaphanus):



3. No idea:

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Striped Killifish and Mummichogs

The top pics are Striped Killifish, the other three are Mummichog I think

uconn fishhead
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Agree with Bitterling

I see, #2 is definitely not

I see, #2 is definitely not banded killifish, and look very like mummichogs. Striped killifish pattern is so different on every specimen, so I wasn't sure - thank you for the confirmation.