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<p>Hi there! I am new to Minnesota. I&#39;m from Northwestern Washington State, where I used to catch salmon and sea-run cutthroat trout. Or rather, tried. They hated me. But I had fun trying! I&#39;m going to college in Arden Hills, MN, and chose to come here for college partially for the fishing. So far, I&#39;ve had good success, but really only in Medicine Lake near Bemidji. I caught lots of decent to good Northern (a 34 and 30 incher). I don&#39;t have a boat, so the lakes right now are kinda friutless for me (at least that&#39;s what I thought when I was casting into Lake Johanna the other day). I went to the Mississippi today (Hidden Falls), and caught like a 7 inch smallmouth. I think I got there late, &#39;cause a guy there had already caught a couple carp. Other than mine, I saw nothing caught. Maybe it&#39;s the height/level of the river? I was using a 3-way setup with a 1-2 foot leader and worm. I plan on continuing to fish the Mississippi, since, like I said, I feel like I&#39;m wasting casts casting into lakes right now because of the weeds. So anyways, yeah. I just figured I&#39;d introduce myself.</p>
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Welcome!  Most of the guys on

Welcome!  Most of the guys on here are in Minnesota, so you'll probably find somebody local pretty quickly...  Good luck!




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Welcome to Minnie!

You're close to my area.  You might want to check out Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.  Tons of different habitats to fish and great access either on the dam or on the trail system. 

Fish a chunk of nightcrawler on the bottom and you can't go wrong.  Fishing should be good for the next month or so.