Growler Magazine talks to 3 RF Members

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Growler Magazine talks to 3 RF Members

Myself, Moose, and Greenwood talked to a writer from the Growler Magazine about Micro fishing. Below is the article that was posted today. It is amazing how many people really do know about Micro Fishing by name. The story is quite simplified in the article of how the name came about but still sends home the message. 

People really do have an interest in it and a magazine that appreciates microbrews fits in that subgroup mentality. No different than RoughFishing. It is great to see a nice article written without dissing those that participate.


I also saw that a German Magazine wrote an article on Micro Fishing. We just need a German member to buy a copy for me.

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Great article

And thanks for the plug!

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Micro article

That's a cool little article! Neat to see micro fishing getting a little press.


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Excellent article!

Excellent article!