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Gooseneck Action

Billstrunner, Uncle Don and Myself went up to ol’ gooseneck bend around 4:45am Saturday morning. It was -9 degrees when we left White Bear and we got to gooseneck and I looked at the temp gauge again and she was showing -36degrees! I had to look at my mobile-look-at-device to confirm this. Luciky it was only -22 degrees actually so not bad! Just a little brisk. But sunrise at gooseneck in the winter is truly glorious.


The bend was very good to us! We got burbot almost right away after we sat down. My auger took a great big old steamy dump on my face and decided to crap out on the first poppy hole. Thank the sweet sweet Lord I had my ice saw with me. It took us a while to chip thru a foot of ice but once we got thru sawing was easy and we soon were fishin.  Billy caught HIS LIFER!!!!!! And he also caught the biggest of the day, a real nice female….hooray for him!!! (that bastard)

We got just over 20 burbot top side. We kept 10 nice ones for the table. Billy caught five fish in a row on a jumbo sized red and gold Swedish pimple tipped with a piece of RAW BACON!! Shout out to MikeB. Billy even managed to catch a burbot on a piece of bacon while cooking some bacon! Which is pretty bad ass and perhaps some kind of record, maybe. I bet Hormell will send him some free pork products though!….or scold him. Who knows!


No sightings of Otto the river dog this year.


The temp was a balmy 3 degrees at 2pm which felt nice in the sun. There was little wind, just enough to keep Bill’s Vikings flag aloft. We left at dark with a bucket of burbot and some great memories. Uncle Don really enjoyed calling the burbot Lawyers. I'm not sure why but he wanted me to mention that.


Some pics

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SO LIT!!!!!!!! I’m pumped to

SO LIT!!!!!!!! I’m pumped to get a lifer through the ice!!

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Awesome fellas!  Wish we

Awesome fellas!  Wish we could have made it up there with you guys!  Great pics and awesome fish, thanks for sharing!!!  Congrats on the lifer Billy!!!

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Looks like some good times

Looks like some good times there!  And pretty sweet the pout are still around and its half way thru the month now.  Sure hope Otto the dog is still livin the good life.  I'd miss that guy coming up to me like he does every single time your there...Go Vikes!

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Yeah man, what Doc said.

Yeah man, what Doc said.

Great stuff here!

Hey, Mr. Berg, could you just write a story every week, like? Wouldn't even have to be about fishn. Always enjoy reading your stuff.


Keep talking, and maybe Hormel will send you some tear gas!


Fishn sure is neat

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Nice job fellas.  My mouth is watering just looking at that pout pile.

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Looks like an awesome outting

Looks like an awesome outting.

Man, some lucky SOB has a house that backs onto that spot!!




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I'm super envious!  It sounds

I'm super envious!  It sounds like it was even more active than the past few years.  You all did awesome.  Great to see that the bait experiments paid off too.

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Haha, I've never used bacon to catch burbot although I do use it to catch bait for burbot -- namely the flathead chub. I'm glad to know it works for burbot too.

Actually, I do recall when I was a child my dad buying brined pork rind rooster tail jig bodies in a jar and catching burbot with them. Not sure if it was the pork smell or the wiggle of the tail that got them, or both. Doesn't seem like really a thing you can buy anymore. I would if I could find them.

Congrats on your success pout Goldenfishberg. Looks like it was a lot of fun!




mike b

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they will sing songs of this
they will sing songs of this in Vallhalla, i'm pretty sure. 
way to represent! wish I coulda joined you fellas. 

Carpy Diem!

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Thanks ya'll!!

Thanks dudes! We had a blast up there, Unlce Don had the time of his life trying to keep all thr burbot contained in the 5 gal. bucket!

Gjis - Perhaps I will make a weekly installment of my ramblings, 'musings by Goldberg' or something like that. Also I'm finishing up my expedition report when Bill Don and I went to NC this fall, so you have a little somethin somethin to look forward to. 

Doc - Go VIKES!! and I hope Otto is still kicking. Nobody seemed like they were home at the Otto the river dog's house so maybe he was just napping on a warm couch somewheres.

Mike - I knew that you have used bacon up in the great white north I somehow must have imagined you catching butbot on bacon also. But regardless we like your style up there in Yellowknife, I always tell people who complain about the cold that I know a a gentleman who lives on Great Slave Lake who is probly fishing outside right now in -50 wearing a hat and t-shirt  sweating, wishing it was colder. Also I think you can find those Uncle Josh pork rind frogs on Ebay even tho they quit makin' um in 2015. 

Andy - Can't wait to cook up some of these fillets tonight. Ben Erb suggest I boil them in milk before I dip in butter. I usually boil in 7up or sprite so I am excited to try a new flavor. 

Eli - that dude doesnt even know how good he has it....if he only knew.

Jason - we were thrilled about the new bait, well at first I was pissed cuz that was gonna be my piece of bacon but I was ok with exchanging bacon for burbot. It seemed fair. 

Kol - we might get an honorable mention in Valhalla or at least a participation trophy! 


Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Wish I could have made it man

Wish I could have made it man, nothin like a good old burbot beat down!