Google Maps Tracking Fish Species

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Google Maps Tracking Fish Species
<p>I&#39;ve been trying to find a good way to keep track of the fish I&#39;ve been catching and where I have been catching them at. So I started experimenting with making my own google map and dropping pins at locations where I caught a certain fish. You can upload a picture to that pin, then I make the title the name of the fish I caught and the description the general name of the location. You can sort all of the results by their descriptions to keep them slightly more organized. I know this is a little off topic, but I thought some of you might find this intersting. I&#39;ve been using it to track the biodiversity of the different places I fish at.</p> <p>;ll=39.43375271834006%2C-87.78937342046368&amp;z=7</p> <p>If any of you want me to go more indepth on how to create your own map let me know</p>
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Great tip!

That is a great method to keep track of your species and spots! I have been using google maps in a similar manner but I had no idea you could upload a photo to the pins, that's brilliant. I am going to certainly utilize this in the future especially since the only damn thing in my life that is organized is my fishing equipment! Super good tech tip man thanks for posting this. It's amazing what we can have at our finger tips in this age of technology, no more trying to remember what dilapidated farm house to turn at anymore!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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This would be useful to write as an article. A how to Article. Doing this will make it easier to find in the future.

I did this with my trip to Florida. I researched in my spare time and dropped pins with addresses so I could easily pull it up on the run and find areas I fished in the past.

It is all perspective!

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Very cool, you are taking it

Very cool, you are taking it to a whole new level!  but being old (school) I also love my 6 foot Minnesota state map hanging  on the wall of my roughfish cave that is bristling with colored and numbered stick pins.  However they are always falling off and ending up sticking into the bottom of my feet.  Ouch, 34 red . . . now where doe it belong, oh yeah, secluded crappie slough in Douglas County . . .or was it the log jam loaded with Mooneye spot? Hmmm maybe you guys are on to something with this technology stuff

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Been doing this for quite a

Been doing this for quite a while before googIe maps was a mobile app. I used to use Microsoft streets and trips before they quit updating it and now have sunk quite a bit of dough into some of the best GPS equipment money can buy and all of the programs for adding data points pale in comparison to google maps and it's freaking free. Even if you are going somewhere you have no service if you load the map before you lose data you can still get where you are going. Indispensable roughfishing tool. The delorme topographic North America works well too but their program Basecamp is kind of clunky and annoying. 

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Here is one of mine I've been
Here is one of mine I've been putting together for some of the spots I've fished in Missouri. I always like to give my maps snazzy names if it's for a specific trip there is usually "operation" in the title.

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I'd also like to echo what

I'd also like to echo what Phil said, nothing can ever replace a paper map and every state I go to I buy a delorme map book before hand. A paper map never runs out of batteries or service. It also helps you get a more detailed overview of the area you are fishing. 

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Cool. I think I'll have to

Cool. I think I'll have to make one of these, because my fish map is currently in my head and spots sometimes disappear, because I've fished to many places to remember some of the more unremarkable ones. (Also, I can picture a big fish map on the wall, and it would look awesome.)


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I love my paper maps too, I

I love my paper maps too, I keep one with me everytime I'm going somewhere new. This just seemed like a good way of keeping track of the species at each location I fish. It seems the database indiana shares with the public really isn't all that up to date. I'll write a proper article about it when I have time.

Hmm, this is a very practical

Hmm, this is a very practical way to track fish species, not to mention, a very unique way as well. Time to fire up my Google Maps. :)

By the way, just in case anyone’s interested. My brother is selling a few 16-Inch Wheels. If anyone’s interested, feel free to PM me.