The Gila Wilderness

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The Gila Wilderness
<p>I&#39;m heading to the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico around the 23rd of October. I&#39;m going to backpack into the headwater forks area, several thousand feet above the cliff dwellings at 10,000 feet. I&#39;m flying into Phoenix Arizona and driving to Silver City New Mexico, then travelling on foot up the biggest mountain in the Aldo Leopold and Gila Wilderness for as many miles as it takes to catch some serious fish. I&#39;m after four species: Desert Sucker, Sonora Sucker, Gila Trout, and Headwater Chub. If anyone is interested in going on this trip and fishing with me, just shoot me an email at</p>
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Sounds like an aswesome trip

Sounds like an aswesome trip man, good luck!

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That sounds like a cool trip.

That sounds like a cool trip.  Good luck on them target species.  I'm looking forward to the trip report.

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Going with you in spirit, Cor

Going with you in spirit, Corey. Too short notice for physical presencecheeky

Good luck!




Good trip-- too bad I am away

I am out of town the week you land in Phoenix but I can share some spots with you  close by where you can get Sonoran and desert suckers. 

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Man, sounds like a great trip

Man, sounds like a great trip.  Wish I had the time right now.  Or was even in shape enough to handle those elevations...

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If I was a free man that woul

If I was a free man that would be a trip of a lifetime for me. Went to Arizona and New Mexico for a month 10 years ago and loved every minute of it. Didn't have the sense to target desert rough fish at the time. Have a great trip Corey.

mike b

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I sure wish I could come! Loo

I sure wish I could come! Looking forward to the expedition report - catch us some cool ones!

Chain Pickerel: All the bad assery of a Northern Pike wrapped up in a smaller, prettier package.

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I had to push my trip back to the 29th and I might have to stay at the lower elevations because of freezing temps in the high mountains. I should have a report up before deer season.