Gar, Shortnose

Had an encounter with Stubby McGar over the weekend. Sight fished with a chunk of cutbait from the top of a spillway

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Dude, that's messed up.  And a kinda cool catch!

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Just goes to show you how tough and resilient them dinosaurs are.  I once caught a channel cat that had his back half cut off by something sharp, clean cut like a knife.  Right thru the spine and everything.  Cant believe you can sever their spines and they dont die, much less get back to feeding and living a normal life.

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"Yeah, I ain't got no tail. Fuck it, I'ma go eat. You got somethin to say about it, come see me after the show."

-S. Gar

Fishn sure is neat

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They're swimmin' with a limp

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I remember Mike B caught a longnose with a similar issue...




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And Tyler G caught a spotted gar with no eyes at all--not even eye sockets.


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All he needs now is a peg tail, an eye patch and a parrot on his shoulder. Gaaaaaaaar...

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