Fishing Kayak For Sale at Root River 2012!!

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Fishing Kayak For Sale at Root River 2012!!

Hey y'all,

Just wanted to throw a heads up out there to anyone interested in acquiring a fishing kayak but not interested in paying full price at a store - My final trip in my Pelican Castaway 116 will be made at the float down on the Root River on Friday May 11th. Afterward, it is for sale to the best offer to whoever is interested. It is a great kayak but I am looking to get another small boat and want to use the $$ from the kayak toward that. 

Specs on the boat can be seen here:

and here is a quick picture of a new one: 


















Mine is a couple years old and has seen some action on the rivers but is still in good condition. New this kayak sells between $400 and $500 - I am willing to part with it for $250 or best offer. If you are interested , shoot me a message or just talk to me at the roundup! Thanks! 



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PM sent!  

PM sent!


It is all perspective!

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