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Eric Kol
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fish taco recipe
ok, lookin' to try a new fish taco recipe. I have some yellow bass fillets in the freezer that are begging to leave this world in a flurry of taco greatness. so, hook me up with some ideas.
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Striped bass taco recipe

Sounds pretty simple, but maybe you can take a look and get some ideas. Chimichurri is great with fish tacos too.



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Mmmmm my favorite lol.  I'm

Mmmmm my favorite lol.  I'm not gonna say another word, sorry buddy!

We make crunchy pike tacos a

We make crunchy pike tacos a lot. The "crunchy" comes from panko bread crumbs.

Usually do pike filets in flour, egg wash, then panko - pan fry.

  • home shredded colby jack cheese
  • diced tomatoes
  • some type of home made modified sour cream...usually garlic/lime style
  • Avacados go great with them too

Can't see why yellow bass or any other fine freshwater fish wouldn't be great this way - although with the pike, the filets are usually large enough to make several two to three inch long nuggets and you can usually pile two to four in each taco.


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mmm... powerpoint tacos

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more spam tacos?

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Hey man, Spam can do anything. Even tacos. 

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Mmmm ... Spam Tacos

I'm going to remove the spam. It's weird how the spam post actually contained a relevant fish taco recipe. Either the spammer AI is getting a little scary or they are now paying people to post on forums with spam links in them. Either way it sucks.