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first snowy
<p>Spotted our first snowy owl for this winter, sitting on a scrap heap in a farm field. &nbsp;Saw another one shortly after but the photos didn&#39;t turn out.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" style="width: 500px; height: 335px;" /></p> <p>Supposed to be another great year for seeing these amazing birds here in Ontario which means I&#39;ll be out with the camera a little more and the rods a little less. Hoping for a nice crisp shot of a mature, all white male.</p>
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wow that is one cool looking

wow that is one cool looking owl, really nice shot. Never saw an owl personally.

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Snowies occasionally are seen

Snowies occasionally are seen around here. A lot depends on the available food up in Canada. Never seen one personally, but have seen pics

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Great shot

They show up here sometimes, but I have never seen one. Thanks for sharing it.

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That is awesome!  We see the

That is awesome! 

We see them on colder winters out on Winnebago or along the Lake Michigan shore. 
Some times Ill drive the ice road at night across the lake and look for them on the tops of the drifts. 

They are such neat birds.


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Snowies are cool.  I've only

Snowies are cool.  I've only seen one in the wild.

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The old man and I had come ac
The old man and I had come across some mature snowy migrants a couple springs ago out in the big stone area...just wicked looking birds.

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Great shot!! One night at lik

Great shot!! One night at like 3 in the morning I saw 2 snowy owls fighting over roadkill at a lit up interesection, it was quite the sight.

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Great picture!

I hear more owls then I ever see them, nice shot!

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Owls is cool.

I often hear one or two during my midnight bikerides. And occasionally I'll see one.

Never not no snowies, of course.

Great shot. Those eyes!

Fishn sure is neat

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Thanks guys. This really is a

Thanks guys. This really is a good year for them. We saw 4 so far and we've only been looking for the past week. Apparently they had a really high chick survival rate in their arctic nesting grounds, so a lot more have made it south for the winter.


iliketofish, the camera is a cannon 60D with a sigma 150-500mm lense mated to it.