First rod build

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First rod build

Being as Corey was nice enough to start this section I figured I would start with my first rod build. It's a gator glass 7' 20-50lb  fast live bait (pool cue) with pac-bay guides, fuji reel seat and 14" EVA rear grip.

Yes thoses are boat rod guides, I kind of modeled it after an ugly stik tiger. Was a fun winter project being I started from scratch. I made the turning jig, drying motor rig etc..... I learned alot and my next 1 will be a bit lighter, something like Corey did for Moose.

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Sweet dude!

Looks great - you should be damn proud of that.  Should make an awesome Flathead winch rod.


Very similar to my first build, it was also a 7' pool cue with boat guides.  That said, yours looks much nicer than my first attempt.  As does your wrapping jig - my first rod was wrapped between the backs of two dining room chairs.  Actually I think they were my only two chairs at the time...


Oh yeah - is that some kind of butt wrap in the grey area just ahead of foregrip?  any more pics?


Welcome to the addiction... If you don't currently have 10 different rods planned out you will soon...

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Thanks Tony,

That area in front of the foregrip is just paint, I am making a simple decal that will go there and will then finish it off with thread. I tried doing a butt wrap a few times but need more practice (wrap-cut-wrap-cut).

When I stick it on the lettering will look sliver. I'll post a pic when it done

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Looks good! I will be

Looks good! I will be starting my first rod build as soon as I get the blank which should be early next week. 

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Thanks Bad

Thanks Bad

It can be fun and frustrating at the same time, like getting the wrap just perfect and then nicking a thread when you cut the tag end and the whole thing comes unwraped or breaking a thread in the middle of a wrap. In the end it was all worth it. Hope your build goes will and you post some pics when your finished.


Good Luck

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Those wrappings look great.

I don't know if I'll dare to put up pics of my second build now, when it's done...

Meh, I just won't take any close-ups.

Fishn sure is neat

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Looks great Dutch!  Both the

Looks great Dutch!  Both the rod and the equipment you built.  I like the homemade stuff!