First eel trip of the season

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First eel trip of the season

Hi All,

Got out today for my first eel outing of the season so I figured I'd play with the new buttons (site looks great btw) and post up a report.  Had a high tide and rising which sets up my favorite spot the way I like.  Chunked some herring that I caught and froze over the winter.  Had nothing for a while but when the sun went down and the tide topped out the eels started to bite.  Landed five including two fat snakes over 20".  Missed a bunch of bites with one almost stealing a rod- clicker on, but freespool not, oops.  Hit was crazy hard maybe a striper or big cat.  Lost a lot of rigs when I got "laired-up" by the eels.  If your bait lands within reach of their 'lair' they'll grab it without transmitting a bite, clean the hook, then snag it somewhere.  Go to reel in and done, snap.  At least that's my theory anyway.  Eels do wierd things to tackle, and the mind.

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Love it. Eels are such cool creatures.

Dr Flathead
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Awesome man.  Eel's are such

Awesome man.  Eel's are such cool species.  I do hate that slime they have though...

Tyler W
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"Eels do weird things to the mind." 

Awesome quote and cool report. 

J Dunfee
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Care to share any spots you

Siick report. Eels are just awesome..

Care to share any spots you may know in PA? I plan on driving east pretty soon.

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How soon and how far east?

How soon and how far east?  Maybe I can hook you up.

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gotta get me an Eel one of these days...