Finally a Coho!

Monday, October 8, 2018
Salmon, Coho

I've been making the trek over to the nearest salmon tribs of Lake Ontario every year for 5 or 6 years now. It became quickly apparent that catching the Chinooks was easy but that successfully landing a Coho was going to take a lot of determination. Every outing was a good 10hrs round trip and I didn't particularly enjoy fishing the crowded tributaries filled with other anglers and rotting fish. Over the years, I caught Chinooks, Brown Trout, Atlantic Salmon, resident Rainbow Trout, Creek Chub, etc., but never a Coho! Finally, this year I got some intel of a relatively small trib where I should have the water to myself. I ignored all other fish I saw and spent a few hours drifting my egg fly to any Cohos I saw. It took a while, but one finally took the fly and stayed on! What a crazy acrobatic fight, totally different from teh long runs of the Chinooks. The fish was essentially in the air for more than half the fight and was twisting and turning the whole time. I successfully directed it towards a shallow area and moments later I was holding my well-deserved Coho :)


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That is a beautiful coho too.  I see you're up to 14 salmonid species on your lifelist, nice job.  

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Thank you :) And still a few salmonids I want on my list! Definitely need a Cutthroat Trout and Round Whitefish.

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Nice 'ho




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Thanks haha

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That’s a beaut m8 I’m jealous I don’t have those here or at my home state. Used to but they stopped stocking them in Ohio rivers apparently

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Thanks :) And that's too bad, I guess they don't really belong over here anyway but they sure put up a great fight.

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Fantastic job man!

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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