Eye of the Tiger

Friday, July 28, 2017
Shark, Sand Tiger


Casey Shanaberger's picture

Holy hell man that thing is MONSTROUS! Looks a little mean too. Nice Charky!

Deftik's picture

Thanks! Believe it or not zero recorded attacks on humans ever

andy's picture

That's a cool beast!  Way to go man.

Deftik's picture

Thanks Drew, definitely a learning curve but worth it.

Eli's picture

looks like a perfect corner of the mouth hookup, too!

Deftik's picture

Yeah honestly we lucked out with the circle hooks, perfect everytime. Fish was out of the water less than 2 minutes, definitely all you could ask for shark fishing.

Divemaster's picture

Geez man, that thing looks evil, bet the fight was epic! Sick catch, nice work.

Deftik's picture

Thanks man, the evil'r the better! \m/

D.T.'s picture

I cant even imagine catching a fish that badass! Crazy level 10 for sure. Congrats dude!

Deftik's picture

Thanks DT certainly a dream fish, ,very surreal. 

Mike B's picture

Awesome man, I've always like the way sand tigers look. And ya, it's hard to believe no recorded attacks.

Deftik's picture

Thanks Mike! Yeah they certainly look the part of vicious killer, but I guess they prefer scavenging.