Every year, it gets better!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Pikeminnow, Northern
4 lbs 12 oz, 23 inches

Every year, I seem to have one day, one day that gives me a large fish. For the past 3 years, they have been bigger and bigger. Behold, a so-close-to-5-pound pikeminnow! Caught on a large gold and maroon Kastmaster.

*Note: I was a week late to post this!


drawer.bli's picture

Monster!!! What a tank of a minnow.

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

Thank you drawer! Indeed it is a tank!

Mike B's picture

Jesus, that's an epic minnow!

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

They are the most epic minnows in size in my area!

Corey's picture

I gotta do battle with that epic sportfish before I die. What an incredible fish that is. Congrats on a great catch!


Kastmasters rule.

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

I strongly suggest that you do before you get too old! I will admit that some fish will fight like a sunken stick, yet others pull like a big trout.

Hengelaar's picture

That is a BEAUTY, man!

Wow, what a cool fish.


When they're big, you can really see that rad, angry, tough looking mug they have.

Seet catch, dude! Love seeing em. Gotta catch some myself, someday...


Gunnar's picture

Wow. That's a great catch. Those are some cool fish and you're lucky to live where you can catch them. I'm jealous.

Eli's picture

Yeah but tis no steelhead...



Just kidding. Amazing catch. Well done.

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture


FYI when I would go with my family to Orofino, Idaho on the Clearwater River, I was always excited to catch pikeminnows when we were targeting Chinooks cool

Moose439's picture

Holy balls kid!

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

Thank you! That means alot, coming from the Moose himself! 

Divemaster's picture

So awesome! I love all those western cyprinids, they just look powerful! It's a shame that lack of water and invasive "gamefish" like Black Bass are threatening them more and more.

Graceclaw's picture

Northern Pikeminnow are actually doing quite well in our dammed waters- so well, in fact, that the DFW decided that they are a threat to gamefish and instituted a bounty system.

This is true in WA, at least.

Also, as always, nice 'minnow! I'm sad I couldn't get one while I was back on the West Coast.

Divemaster's picture

Doesn't suprise me, more gamefish supremacy incentives for anglers. Are they actually harming the Salmonid populations or do the local fishery departments just want more and bigger Steelhead and Salmon? Don't get me wrong, I love the Salmonids, they're probably my favorite group of fish, it just seems weird that if the Pikeminnows and Steelhead are both native and have lived together for thousands of years that the Minnow population would need any human management.

Graceclaw's picture

The pikeminnow populations are thriving in the slower water created by dams, while the steelhead populations did not deal with it as well, upsetting the balance of species (durr). It's therefore obviously the responsibility of the DFW to right its wrongs by killing pikeminnows.

Divemaster's picture

Oh, I wasn't aware of the background behind it. That makes more sense. I must be mixing Northern Pikeminnows  with another species because I thought they needed fast-flowing gravel-bottomed water to thrive.

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

Thank you sir! Fortunately, they aren't viewed that way in my neck of the woods. Drive several hours into Washington or Idaho and its a different story.

Deftik's picture

That is a fantastic fish, keep up the good work man!!!

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

Thank you! I certainly plan to!

Dan Morey's picture

Great fish, and props for the Kastmaster!

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

Thanks Dan! I tell you what: those hog pikeminnows absolutely love hitting kastmasters on the drop.

UpperMi roughangler's picture

That is a very large pikeminnow and a great catch. You are the pikeminnow master!

Cast_and_Blast's picture

That is one fantastic Pikeminnow Gabe.  Congrats!

pmk00001's picture

That's really pretty amazing, congrats on a beautiful specimen!