Eel, American DevonianDreamer



Location: Nott Road Park (Normans Kill), Guilderland, NY, USA Lat: 42.6829 Lon:-73.9083
Date Caught: 
Thursday, June 14, 2012
Caught in an awesome little fishing hole at the confluence of a small creek and Normans Kill using a nightcrawler and a bobber. I saw this little eel swimming around over and under the rocks in about 4-5 foot deep water along shore. Its the first time I had ever seen an eel in the wild. I used a small hook and a very tiny piece of nightcrawler and set it down in the area he was frequenting. I waited for about 5 minutes while I prepared a second pole (which I never got to use) and saw the bobber (which was pointlessly floating around with the nightcrawler on bottom) take off under water. I thought that there is no way that I could have possibly caught that eel. When I started reeling, I saw him emerge from under a rock slithering along as I pulled him in. I couldn't really measure him as he was coiling up so. From the photos, he was about 4-5 button diameters in length. Its 3am, so I will measure the button tomorrow. This is my most exciting catch... I sight-fished an eel!


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That's awesome man!  Congrats!