Dubious Black Buffalo record

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Dubious Black Buffalo record

Disheartening to read the account of the valiant battle between man (apparently it was actually two men) and fish as this "angler" reeled in the giant "sucker fish" while bowfishing.


A Muskegon man has reeled in a massive black buffalo fish, breaking state records this week. 

At 11:30 p.m. on May 25, Brandonn Kramer was bowfishing on the Grand River in Ottawa County when he played tug-of-war with a large black buffalo on his line.

With some assistance from his friend, Shawn Grawbarger – also from Muskegon – the angler bagged his 46.54-pound, 39.75-inch sucker fish.


Dr Flathead
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I vote to abolish all

I vote to abolish all bowfishing records in the US.

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hmmm...  most States don't

hmmm...  most States don't allow artificial light as an attractant!!!

so, how exactly did the SOB manage this at 11:30 PM ???

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!