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Dinosaur Hunter Award

This award is a lifetime award for anyone who has caught impressive specimens of all the primitive fishes available to the angler: 5 big gars of all 5 species, one bowfin (including a green-finned spawning male), and three sturgeons (lake, shovelnose, and white).


To win this award, you must catch:

  • A 26 inch Bowfin
  • A Male Bowfin in Spawning Color (no minimum size - judge's discretion)
  • A 60 inch White Sturgeon
  • A 30 inch Shovelnose Sturgeon (not including the tail tentacle)
  • A Shovelnose Sturgeon with an intact tail tentacle longer than 2 inches (no minimum size for the fish)
  • A 50 inch Lake Sturgeon
  • A 45 inch Longnose Gar
  • A 26 inch Shortnose Gar
  • A 24 inch Florida Gar
  • A 26 inch Spotted Gar
  • A 60 inch Alligator Gar

All fish must be captured legally by angling during an open season for the species caught. Measurements are approximate for white sturgeon, lake sturgeon, and alligator gar - they need not be photographed next to a measuring device or be removed from the water. Length can be estimated but judge's decisions are final.




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can a Shortnose or Atlantic

can a Shortnose or Atlantic Sturgeon be a substitute for a Shovelnose?




Eric Kol
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I am glad to see this award fleshed out!


Carpy Diem!

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I think the 2 inch tail filament is key to the whole thing.

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3 down

3 down and a lifetime to go!
I am glad this one is not an easy obtained. 
Florida Gar check
Lake Sturgeon Check
Spawning male check
Guess I need to measure my fish.

It is all perspective!

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Life goals updated.

Life goals updated.

I've achieved at least 5 of those, but probably can't prove any of them. Going to have to try to remember to measure my gars.


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Shortnose and Atlantic

Eli - I decided to leave these out, mainly because I'm not positive there is an open harvest season for them and I scrupulously avoid any potential targeting of threatened and endangered species. The shortnose and Atlantic are on the Endangered Species List and we will not reward people for catching them as that has the appearance of encouraging the targeting of them. If there's a legal open season for them in Canada, I'd like to know about it. This could possibly be related to my general ignorance of Canadian fishing laws - but I know all the species on the Dinosaur Hunter list are legal catch targets with regulated open seasons. The Pallid and Alabama sturgeons are, of course, also not on the list because it is illegal to target them and they should be avoided by all responsible anglers. Also, I think it's important to have a Scaphirhynchus species on the list - they are really the epitome of the dinosaur fish. Also - I decided not to include paddlefish because the legal open seasons for them are typically only for snagging or bowfishing and I want this to be an angling-only, responsible catch and release award.

space monki
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No that is an impressive

No that is an impressive achievement. I'm part of the way there.

space monki
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I've hit 6 of those

I've hit 6 of those requirements. Time for the other 5. Those are going to be the hard ones.

China Cat
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2 inch

Getting a shovelnose with the tentacle will be the hardest part. Now if I could just land a bowfin....

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Both species can be legally

Both species can be legally caught in New Brunswick, with the closed season being the entire month of June.




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I'd love to see anyone pull

I'd love to see anyone pull this off in a year.   Thats a lifetime of dedication there!   I've gotten 6 from this list, but never caught any kind of sturgeon - though id love to.   Cool award.  Legend status if achieved.


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Flukemaster Fanelli
I caught a male bowfin this

I caught a male bowfin this year with the teal blue fins. We had heavy rains in Jersey this spring and there were 25 bowfin in a little drainage ditch getting ready to spawn! None of them were big, but the male I caught was very cool looking. The sturgeon around here are ILLEGAL to target. They are said to be making a comeback on the Delaware river but with all the dredging and shipping traffic I highly doubt they are doing too well.

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Flukemaster Fanelli
Now that I think of it all 3

Now that I think of it all 3 of the bowfin I caught that day were male. This would explain why there were no big bowfin around. Does anyone know why all the males would gather in one location with no females? Protecting fry? On another cool note the snakeheads were spawning that day about 50 yards away in 2ft of water. It resembled carp spawning at times as they were making disturbances on the surface of the water. Unlike carp the snakeheads were actively feeding while spawning. For 10 casts in a row I had snakeheads tearing up my pink zoom flukes. I landed 6 snakheads but ran out of the pink color quickly. I threw black and cream colored flukes at them and they wanted NOTHING to do with them. Sometimes color can make all the difference in the world!

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