Delaware River carpsucker

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Carpsucker, Quillback
22" 6.5 lb

Caught and released a 22" 6.5 lb quillback carpsucker in the tidal Delaware River on my last cast of the day with my homemade corn meal bait. It was bigger than some stae record quillbacks but NJ doesn't recognize it in the NJ Record Fish List.


Divemaster's picture

Awesome fish, that dark coloration is stunning on a usually all silver species!

2018 Species Goals:

Longnose Gar (), Grass Pickerel (), Shorthead Redhorse (X), Quillback (X), Burbot ()

andy's picture

That is a great specimen.  I'm still wondering about that old Mitchell 300 reel - how long have you used it?  Have you replaced any parts?  I think I have one in the basement that I'd like to bring out of retirement.