December Northern Snakehead

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Snakehead, Northern

Earlier this month I was fishing a pond that's off the lower Potomac drainage, the initial target was Chain Pickerel but after a few hours of lure chucking with nothing but a few Largemouth I decided to take a break and throw a nightcrawler out.  The weather was pretty nice, 40 or so degrees and it felt good in the sun.  After about an hour with just a few Bluegill taps I decided this was stupid and went to reel in my first rod, I got it to the bank and before I could turn around I had slow and steady run on my other rod.  I assumed it was carp at first based on how it took off but after I fought it for awhile I was certain it was a decent catfish but the fight was still a bit odd.  I didn't really see the fish until I got it close to the bank and man was I shocked!  

Several first's here, first December snakehead from outside of a warm water discharge, first stillwater snakehead, first snakehead from this particular pond, and first snakehead on bait!


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Fishn sure is neat

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Thats pretty sweet!  Wish those things would crawl their way up here to MN....

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That thing's so freakin' cool, and it looks like a big one too. Did you eat it?

Dr. Flathead: I really don't want these in my area, but they're still a neat fish. 


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I love the color on that fish!
On my hit list too, like so many other people. 

It is all perspective!

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Just a great catch

They are everywhere that touches the Delaware river here in Jersey. A lot of people eat them but I fillet them and lightly grill them with butter. Then I flake the meat up and feed it to my mother's cats. They LOVE it!!! You get a ton of meat off of snakeheads. They are all muscle, there is limited blood in the meat, and it has no fishy smell when cooked.

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