Cutt bow comparison pics

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Carp Chaser
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Cutt bow comparison pics

Cutthroat trout / Rainbow trout Hybrid

my fish



Bottom 2 photos are fish I caught. Second one has some red near pectoral fin. I've also read that not all hybrids have red slash, there are variations. Also, almost all the fish we caught in this stream looked similar to these 2 fish. If that means anything. Just trying to defend my fish.

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The reason for accepting hybrids is not to have every possible hybrid analyzed so that it counts in the contest, that's impossible.  The reason we changed the contest to allow hybrids is ONLY to allow fish that very clearly show the distinguishing characteristics of a particular species to count as that species, even if the fish isn't a "pure" specimen.  Your fish doesn't show any of the key characteristics of a cutthroat trout, so it won't count as a cutthroat trout.  Note that we're not saying that it isn't a cutthroat hybrid - it could be -  but since it doesn't show cutthroat markings in the picture, it won't count as one for the contest.  Just like for counting a yellow bullhead, you need to take a picture that shows white barbels, similarly for a fish to be counted as a cutthroat trout the picture needs to show visible red throat slashes. It's up to you to catch a fish that clearly shows the characteristics of the species in question and to photograph the fish so that those characteristics are visible in the photo.  It's the same for a bullhead or a trout.