Crappie, Black

I apologize for the crudeness, but it took 8 lakes and 3 rivers to FINALLY get this bugger.


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we've all felt that, particular species kicking our butts - the one's that gave me the most trouble this I never did get (hog, quillback, shovelnose)... for some reason this year I couldn't keep the Black Crappies away - everywhere I went and everything I fished for they showed up.  I probably caught more Black crappies this June than the last 10 June's combined, weird how that happens.  Now that I admitted that, I probably won't catch one next June

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There was a stretch of time from January to April where the only species I could catch was walleye (except for a trip to Arkansas). I was sure that walleye was going to be one of the first fish I caught for this year's contest. As the days went on, I thought this must be the day I get a walleye. I snagged a walleye, had a walleye get off right next to shore the one time I had a dull hook, and caught what was probably a walleye micro-fishing, though I figured it would have been too small to get accepted. Anyway I will probably be flipping off all the "scaled bullhead" that I catch for awhile.

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