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How cautious do I need to be about using freshwater gear in salt water? I it a definite  100% no no, or can I just rinse my gear off after a day of fishing? I'd hate to ruin my nicer reels just to fish in the ocean for a day. Advice, success an/or horror stories appreciated! 

Casey Shanaberger
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not an expert

I'm not an expert but I'd assume most reels would probably fare just fine in one day as long as you take the reel apart and rinse everything in freshwater right after you're done with it. Probably would be worth washing the line too. What reels are you using?

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Rinse your reels

I just rinse my reels after each day's fishing. I use cheap reels, though, so I'm usually not too cautious. If you have any cheapos, it might be a good idea to use them.


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I think I'll just dig some old beat up reels  out of storage to use then. Thanks!

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Reels in Saltwater

I constantly use my reels in freshwater one day and salt the next.  I agree with Susquehannock.   Just rinse your reels (and all other tackle, including hooks and lures) in freshwater after use.  Don't be anal about it by spraying them too hard because it could force water inside the reel.  Keep your reels well lubed to keep moisture out (fresh or salt).  The important thing is to never let your reel become immersed in saltwater.  Then you probably have to take it apart and clean it.

All that said, saltwater plays havoc with everything metal and reduces lifespan.  Even stainless steel is not immune.

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Just rinse off your gear it'll be fine, the worst is sand if it ends up in your spool. No reason to use anything in my opinion if you take care of it, I've done it for years.

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If your rods are multiple

If your rods are multiple pieces, be sure to not get sand in the ferrules.... penn battle 2 is my favorite inexpensive saltwater combo if you go that route