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Contest Rules

Official Contest Rules

Just so everyone is on the same page!

Catch and photograph as many species of fish as you can, upload them to the contest page, and win fabulous prizes! You can start fishing at 12:01 June 1st and must stop fishing at 11:59 June 30th. All fish photos must contain the contest button or T-shirt. A temporary image may be provided for people who have not yet received their button.

The following rules must be followed for all entries:

  1. Species must be standard-sized. No micro species allowed. The official list is HERE.
  2. This is an angling-only contest. No bowfishing, snagging, spearing, shooting, poisoning, electrofishing, cast-netting, seining, trawling, noodling, mudding, grabbling, hippo-gunning, trotlining, jug-fishing, harpooning, rotenoning, or bayonetting. Fish may be hooked with fishhooks or with tooth-entangling devices (rope lures). All fish must be hooked on the inside of the mouth.
  3. The contest button or its equivalent must be visible in all photos.
  4. All specimens must be adult-sized. This means no egregious microfishing to pad your total. We will not hesitate to delete tiny specimens if this tactic is attempted.
  5. All fish must be caught legally by a licensed angler during an open season for the species caught. Fishing illegally is cheating; it is your responsibility to fish within the law. This means any fish caught while fishing illegally for any reason do not count.
  6. Fish must be caught personally by the individual contestant. No pooling or sharing of specimens.
  7. Any federally endangered or threatened species do not count and any submitted will be deleted, UNLESS there is a designated legal open angling season for the species in question AND the angler is fishing that open season legally. If such is the case, the angler may be asked for proof that they caught the fish legally.
  8. Each species counts only once; duplicates will be deleted. If you want to replace a previous entry, delete the old one and add the new one.
  9. All entries are subject to disqualification at the judge's discretion.
  10. All fish must be positively identifiable from the photo alone - no location data is applicable! The photo is just as important as the fish is - and in some cases, identification may not be possible from the submitted photo. In those cases, the fish will be disqualified.
  11. Hybrids ONLY count as one of the parent species when the parentage of the species in question is irrefutable, and may only count toward one of the parent species.
  12. Photos of dead or mishandled fishes are discouraged. Please treat the fishes with respect.
  13. Anyone caught cheating is subject to immediate and irreversible removal from the competition.
  14. Have fun!






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What's "hippo-gunning"???

Sounds exciting!

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Hippo Gun

JK could explain a bit better, he's always complaining about how his favorite fishing spot is full of hippos so he has to arm himself rather heavily..

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Is the list of acceptable

Is the list of acceptable species still a work in progress as entries are submitted every year? I ask because it has stickleback but no stonerollers and golden shiners but no striped shiners for example. Is it more specifically no micros that require a micro hook then?

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Only species that have been accepted as standard species count to my knowledge.  Golden Shiners get huge for minnows (I believe we found some records over a pound), I dunno about Striped.  The Stickleback is a mistake maybe?

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The stickleback is a mistake - fixing it now. No micros species. Fish have to reach 1 pound in weight. Golden Shiners and Creek Chubs grow to 1 pound in weight and can be caught on conventional tackle.

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And as a clarification:

5. All fish must be caught legally by a licensed angler during an open season for the species caught

For example, now that MN has Black Buffalo listed as threatened, I'd assume an incidentally caught one couldn't be entered from MN anymore - if one actually chanced into one, which is unlikely anyway.  It would basically the same as incidentally catching a Musky or Sturgeon before the season openers (since both open in June in MN) and wouldn't count for the contest.

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Going for Gold

Welp now that I live in Florida I hope I have a better chance than when I lived in Arizona. Too bad salties don't count ;) haha!

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Yes, that's correct. Any out-of-season or illegal catches of any kind do not count. I'm sure we don't have anyone engaging in that kind of behavior, but it's still important to make that crystal clear.

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For the most fish on June 1st

For the most fish on June 1st award, I take it these need to be uploaded to the site before midnight?

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Lightning Fisher

No, you can fish until midnight and upload them the next day. I will make the award Saturday night or Sunday.

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Would River Chub be a valid

Would River Chub be a valid standard speices I noticed Creek Chub and Golden Shiner were on there, but River Chub was absent.