Congrats Jknuth!

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Congrats Jknuth!

Good to see ya got your Longnose finally!  43 is a hell of a score, especially with the messed up conditions we've had this year. 

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Awesome race there at the end

Awesome race there at the end. You had me checking on here every 15 min. 
You did fan freaking tastic yourself Sir.

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Congratulations! It was a cra

Congratulations! It was a crazy month for fishing, but you kicked some butt.


Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers:

2019: 34 days fishing 45 species 13 lifers. 2018: 39/40/5 2017: 49/52/14

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Congrats Jknuth a hard earned

Congrats Jknuth a hard earned victory with some crazy looking fish, well deserved!

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Pretty impressive totals by e

Pretty impressive totals by everyone considering the conditions this last month.  Congrats to all of you on some fine catches!

Dr Flathead
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Sorry, that last comment by A

Sorry, that last comment by Avery was actually me.  Was still logged into her account from yesterday while entering contest species for her.

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congrats to everybody

Especially jknuth, but also to everybody that registered fish and played the game. I had a great June, and even though I spent a lot ofmy time on my cabin waters where species are limited, I am pretty happy with my results. Wish I would have gotten the silver redhorse to catch all of then in June, but there's always next year. Kudos to the top ten, and to all others as well.

Mike B
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I didn't take part this year

I didn't take part this year but it was fun to watch. Congrats Jknuth!

mike b

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  Congrats Mr. Knuth - a powe


Congrats Mr. Knuth - a powerhouse demonstration of a merciless species devastation but also done with your customary flair and artistry. We are all well-instructed by the performance of such a champion. 

I also have to give a special shout-out to Andy who showed what formidable capability lies simmering at the ready, just waiting to be summoned.  To capture that collection of bonus-sized specimens in limited time and area is quite impressive.  The photo roll from one month looks like the life time album for many fishermen.

That aspect reminds me somewhat of the local story around the filming of the movie “Grumpy Old Men” here in Minnesota  where they needed a trophy sized wet sock for the fishing scene.  A local guide of some repute was engaged and luckily produced the needed organism with little advance notice.  Well if for some unfathomable reason there was need for a casting call for a shovelnose sturgeon, gar, or other nice roughfish, there are definitely resources on this site that can produce on demand, no question about it. 

Good work all   - Love the talk about next year already, I ‘m always ready to go. . . But I’m shaking every fish off my line until I get that sauger and mooneye!

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Hail to the King, baby...

Congratulations on your hard fought and well deserved victory, Josh! I always knew you had it in you to be Champion one day and you needed darn near every fish to make it! That was a furious run at the end, TonyS, worthy of respect and praise all its own... I am very impressed with the number of extremely difficult fish to catch mustered by the contestants near the top of the charts, it inspires me to get good enough to make that kind of run myself in the upcoming years. Also, congrats to Andy for winning our personal rivalry this year, and doing it with some seriously bad-@ss fish. You had a marvelous year buddy, I'm gonna come at you harder than ever next year!

Thanks to everyone who made this year special and thanks to all the beautiful fish whose photos immortalize them here for all time. Can't wait til next year, see you all on the water again soon!!

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Congrats to the competitors!  Well done all around.  


And thanks to Corey and for arranging.  The Contest is a highlight of my fishing year.  It has helped me to become a better angler, but more importantly, it has led to some darn good times.  Thanks.

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Stinky ass hat!

If only that hat could talk. Right? Good job mister. Congrats.

This years derby I put a little spin on it. I only entered fish I caught in the Zumbro River. And only using a nightcrawler. That was fun for me anyway.

Congrats to all actually. And thanks to for hosting this event/derby.

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Gary  - that was a tough spri

Gary  - that was a tough sprint at the end, often involving actual sprinting (from spot-to-spot) when time drew thin.  Had to make up for my foot dragging the first 10 days. 


Conditions were crap, at least in most of MN and WI (I didn't go anywhere else).  72 species as a group collective effort is still pretty darn impressive.   As is 47 people entering fish, 31 with the time and effort to top 10+ species, 20 that broke a tough barrier to enter 20+ species, and a half dozen deranged enough to break the 30 species barrier - never a line easily crossed.

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DT - that was a sweet self-ch

DT - that was a sweet self-challenge and 13 species from the Z on a crawler is a solid effort!  And that bank stick is bad assed!

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30 species

Thirty is very very hard to do. Especially in the Midwest. I tip my lucky hat to those of you who did it, cause I sure couldn't!

Garmaster Bob in WI
Congrats Jknuth and everyone

Congrats Jknuth and everyone else. Impressive effort considering the conditions for us in MN and WI. In a year when I had limited time to start with, I threw in the towel after our area received 10-14" or rain June 21-23.

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Well done Mr. Knuth, it was a

Well done Mr. Knuth, it was a pleasure to watch. Some very nice specimens and a solid representation of mid western species.

Tony you have changed the face of the MN end of the contest forever, hats off man your a beast.

Congrats guys.


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congratulations Jkunth!!!!

Congratulations Jkunth, and to the winner of the kids contest! This was a lot of fun!!!



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Congrats Josh!  With gas at $

Congrats Josh!  With gas at $3.60+/gal., 40+ species is going to cost something.  Nice job.  You deserve it.  

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Big congrats to Josh and to e

Big congrats to Josh and to everyone who took part. I'm inspired to push it harder next year. Not sure how I eneded up without a pike or a mooneye (especially the pike?!) but next year I'm shooting for 25+.




Carp Chaser
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yep he kept climbing up throu

yep he kept climbing up through the places and passing people up, by the end steam rolling everybody. Great win JKnuth, congrats on a heck of a run.  

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A huge congrats from me, mast

A huge congrats from me, master Jknuth. A well earned victory indeed!