Check out the 2002 lifelist page!

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Check out the 2002 lifelist page!

I was looking at the internet archive's wayback machine to see when the old site was last crawled so I could look up some info in forum responses that aren't present on the new site, and I couldn't resist taking a look back at the earliest version of the site it has a copy of:

Corey and Andy, you've come a long way with an idea that started relatively simple and fun and now must frequently seem like it's taken over your life.

Looks like the last crawl the wayback machine did was in July of 2011, but as far as I can tell, it never saved any posts in the forums.

The 2005 lifelist page for midwestern freshwater species:

There are versions of the site from 2002-2011. Sometimes photos and subpages are included, sometimes not. The most detailed crawls I've seen so far are from 2003--seems like most photos are preserved, and there are some great ones.

The 2005 species derby rules are entertaining:

Fishing logs from 2002 or 2003 are cool as they remind me that I've always meant to keep a fishing log and never managed to do it. I like the idea of including what forage was observed, not just what fish were caught. And these don't just have fish info, either. For example, on 8/20/2003, on the Lower St. Croix, Mars rose at 9:45.

I really should be working. I think I'll do that now.

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yours didn't seem to work for me, this should the correct link for 2005 lifelists:


Cool to see a good dozen or so people still posting on a regular basis, I was bummed when I couldn't see my 2005 lifelist though - that would have been fun to see I think.


I remember the 2002 verison of the site too, though I'm not sure if I ever posted on that one.


I did about crap myself when I returned to the modern and saw it now has a brown background like the previous versions: I thought for a second I was trapped in the wayback machine...

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Haha that is so cool to look

Haha that is so cool to look back on...i used to be a contender...back when I had caught all kinds of species nobody else here had. The beginning of a revolution for sure, but this site has grown and evolved into so much more! Thanks for posting this!

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And that website was actually running on a homebuilt Tomcat server I built out of spare parts in my basement!  What a machine - I think it ran continuously for three years without a hiccup and without ever being rebooted! 

I remember when nobody had caught a northern hogsucker but me ... and then Andy got one and made the front page.  What a huge smile. 

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2005 & 2007 species contests

In case anyone doesn't look that far down the page, I added the 2005 and 2007 species contest results to the contest discussion forum. 2006 is nowhere I can find on the archive.


Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers:

2019: 34 days fishing 45 species 13 lifers. 2018: 39/40/5 2017: 49/52/14

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I narrowed down my first post

I narrowed down my first post to having been in either Dec, 2004 or Jan, 2005.

I remember it was about ice fishing for creek chubs.