Chasing Gobblers (and Roughfishing)





Looking down Walnut Gullley 




                                                                                                                       08 tom3.jpg


The fruit of my efforts, a 24+-pound Tom with all but 4 tailfeathers broken off from fighting.  Three Gobblers came into my calls, and this old bird was the only one that strutted.  What a rush to have 3 big Toms come up on me on the freshly plowed field!  The bird with the funny tail broke off and approached my decoy after some seductive whines from my trusty Lohman box call, and I poked the barrel of my shotgun through the barbed wire and shot him in the head at 20 yards.  He was definitely the Boss Tom of the bachelor party, and I knew he was an old bird without many good flytying feathers when I shot.  He might be tough on Thanksgiving.  But an old brawler always has some long, sharp spurs, and I added them to my lucky Turkey spur necklace.  

crooked creek2.jpg

Crooked Creek.  We caught some beautiful Brookies here, but were a tad late for the Black Caddis hatch.



A Brown Trout and Silver Redhorse from the Root River.  Below, Corey brings a limit of trout through the Gauntlet of Cows on Pine Creek.



Seeya on the riverbank.  ~Andrew Geving, Roughfisher at Large 


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