Carpsucker, Quillback Corey

Carpsucker, Quillback
Red Cedar River, WI
Date Caught: 
Saturday, June 27, 2015


Hey Corey, how did you catch that Quillback? I've been asking people who have posted Quillback Pics how they caught them. Thanx: Shawn

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There have been a few threads on them over the past year; there was one a couple months ago that you can find if you search for it.

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I'd like to know more too!  Could we do another species profile on those?  Their eyes are my favorite they look like a snakes eye.  Thanks Corey.

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This was caught on a small piece of nightcrawler, fishing on the bottom with light line and a small hook. Very lucky catch in my opinion - it's rare they bite hard enough for you to notice. Most of the good info on catching this species can be found in the Tactics Article HERE, or in the species pages HERE.