Carpsucker, Quillback

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andy's picture

I know that spot, I know that species....never been successful there.  very nice catch sir!

TonyS's picture

Has its days but generally it is mediocre. Convenient though... and like everywhere on that river there are always a couple Quills around,catching them is another matter... Though the spot is really weedy this year

Graceclaw's picture

It is indeed mediocre most of the time! I wish I'd had a chance to stop by that city yesterday though. I'm impressed you got one so quickly though!

andy's picture

I bet your choice of tackle helped.  Maybe some day you can show me how to do it!

UpperMi roughangler's picture

I love the orange you can see on the pelvic fin. I didn't know Quillbacks got colored up like that.

Gary's picture

Well done, Tony. You are one hell of an angler. Great fish!

Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...


Goldenfishberg's picture

Can I please scrape the grime from under your finger nails and use it for bait?!?! Holy shit man, I think the S in TonyS stands for STUD!!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

TonyS's picture

Any Quill is a good Quill, this one was a bit tougher than expected as the conditions at that spot were less than ideal but still doable.  The tackle helps a ton for sure.  The toughest part is still getting close and perfectly timing the hook set but that delicate Japanese trout tackle makes the presentation much easier.


TonyS's picture

I bet fingernail grime would make decent bait if you could keep it on the hook... maybe that's what Blue Suckers eat...


Hengelaar's picture

Getn that fixed liner oot again.
Man, that is a nice one!

Fishn sure is neat

Dr Flathead's picture

I recognize the bridge too.  Nice catch there Mr Stud!