Carpsucker heaven

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Carpsucker, Quillback

I have spent hours throwing tiny pieces of worm at carpsuckers that appeared to be feeding, leaving me frustrated and tired. On a trip north about an hour to target dace, I stumbled upon a tailwater that was teaming with fish. While fishing with a hair jig, I snagged a quillback on the top fin accidentally and brought it to shore. It was cool to see my first quillback in person, but I still was desperate to catch one fairly. The quillback above was the second of the day and appeared to be hooked in the mouth. I did not believe that he hit the grub, so I decided to try worm fishing in the same spot that he was taken. I then hooked my third of the day, just above the nose. Still.... no “fair” caught quillback. Finally, I feel a decent tap, set the hook and I have my first fair caught quillback, hooked deep in the mouth. This fish can be seen in my lifelist. Later I would catch my 5th of the day, hooked in the mouth on worm as well. Note that all of this was in the span of less than an hour. I don’t know whether I was more upset that a fish once seemingly impossible to catch could now be caught easily, or excited to add it to my lifelist. Either way, happy to have conquered this awesome fish.