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Tomas N
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Carolina help

I recently moved to southern North Carolina from Minnesota and am wondering if anyone on here had any recommendations for rough fish in the area.   I've been down to a near by damn on the Catawba river and have seen some HUGE gar surfacing.  I've had a few hook ups but haven't landed anything yet.  If anyone knows the area any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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The Carolinas are awesome for

The Carolinas are awesome for roughfishing, definitely head to the Smokies if Redhorse are your thing... haven't experienced better Redhorse fishing anywhere! Some of the reservoirs such as the ones on the Pee Dee have big cats too. But the Carolinas are loaded with species everywhere, I'm sure you'll find some cool fish soon :)

the pyromaniac
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I'd also recommend a roadtrip

I'd also recommend a roadtrip up into Virginia at some point.  We've got a lot of species diversity, especially from Roanoke westward.




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