Cannon Falls, MN

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Cannon Falls, MN
Just found out Catfish Jr and I am going to be spending a day in Cannon Falls, MN on April 10th. Anyone have any pointers or fishing experiences to share about the area? Thanks. vanner
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Sent you a PM

Others know the Cannon way better than I do, but I sent you a message with a couple spots I've had success at.

The entire river is good, just look for places to access and fish a current break!



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Be careful up by the big dam

Be careful up by the big dam just west of town. It’s off limits to fish from the bridge to the dam. Terrorism fears. Used to be a really cool spot to hit. Been a couple years since I’ve been there, so perhaps they may have loosened the restriction. 

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Too Late

Sorry, I didn't see this earlier.  I'd have offered to meet you and show you some spots.  My boy and i fish the Cannon a lot.  I hope you found some fish!


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