Built Me A(nother) Travel Rod

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Built Me A(nother) Travel Rod

My first build turned out so much nicer than I had dared to hope, and it was so much fun, that I couldn't wait to get another one started. To maximize the chances of making marvellous memories with it, it would have to fit in the suitcase of course. To be on the safe side,  I decided to keep it pretty similar to the first rod, just heavier. And a few other subtle differences.


Now, let's see if I can manage this posting multiple pics in the new forum thing...

All the stuff:

-Pac Bay Quickline blank, 4-piece 9 ft 10 weight: black

-9 Sic guides, two-footed: black

-thread: black

-The sweetest cork around, and some rubberized cork rings

-Reel seat: I forget


Wow, that reel seat is actually much too clunky for this rod. Plus it be ugly, though it looked nice in the catalogue.

Let's get rid of that.


That's more like it! That's my favorite type of reel seat: Fuji, Screw-down, black. Couldn't find one before... Gotta get that nasty-ass foam shit off ASAP, though. Why would anybody want to have that on their rod?!?!


That's handy, it wasn't even stuck on!


Cork and such epoxied and clamped. Note the foregrip; clamped separately. That didn't work out too well. Came out semi-crooked and not quite symmetrical. Will anybody but me notice when I'm fishing with the rod? Prolly not. But still...


Handle sanded into shape. Well, just about. Slimmed it down a bit more here and there, to add a little flair.


Forgot to take a pic of the wrapped guides before I applied the finish. Ehwell. Here's the whole thing with I don't remember how many layers of finish. I'm not ecstatic about the job I did with the wrapping this time. Plus, once again, one of the guides got squeezed a huntcair off line. Will anybody but me notice these things when I'm fising with this rod? Probablement not. But still...


This old Canadian cent was in my wallet when I got back from the Pout-O-Rama! Never yet been to Canada, but when (yes when) I do go, this rod be coming.


Some more semi-gratuitous shots that I hope make my efforts look halfway decent:



Yes, Tony, that is another one of my "fancy-pants reels with two handles!"



Is it a work of art? Heck no. But she looks good and feels great. Very well balanced with the reel I built it for, so that's good.

Just like my previous build, she shall remain nameless for now. I'll be damned if I fudge meself in the app again by naming it after a cool species I hope to catch on it next time I'm over there! Named a rod "Ictiobus" last year, thinking: "How could I fail to catch a Smallmouth Buff or two (at a certain spot), seeing as how I got 30 of em in two outings last time?!" Sure enough: didn't get no Buff. No more of that jinxing bidness. Take em out blank, maybe later I'll name em after the most memorable fish they end up bending into over yonder....


Thanks once again to my rod-building mentor,TonyS, who offered some great guidance again, and without whom I doubt I would have dared to start.



Anybody want an ugly-ass, clunky reel seat??

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I'm gonna watch next time you

I'm gonna watch next time you are over here and see how it is that you crank both handles at a time...  Just jerking your chain - I make sure and replace any double handles that come reels I buy with long single handles...


Looks good!  Good thing you got rid of that cheap foam crap.  That is one wierd looking reel seat (the ugly , clunky one). 


BTW - those are some nice looking cork rings, I'd highly advise everyone to avoid flea-bay cork rings (even the supposedly "good" ones, that were not all that cheap...) - not gonna say how I know but it is a good way to end up with a bag rings that full of huge voids and possibly some kind of mold... Some of them made ok arbors, not that I would know...

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Nice rod, mister.

So is it really true you're not coming over here this June? Aren't all you Europeans (except certain countries in the Aegean vicinity) wealthy and carefree? And don't you all get months of paid vacation every year? If you can get to Illinois, Garman let me in on a spot full of that particular Ictiobus you mentioned, and probably the other ones too. It also has common, bighead and silver carp, plus at least one (but probably 2-3) carpsucker species, plus longnose and shortnose gar, plus bowfin, plus other suckers, plus white bass, plus all the regular bass, plus others I'm spacing out. I think of it for large portions of every day. And maybe we could get on a boat and hit Lake Michigan for lake trout, chinook salmon, coho salmon, steelhead and gigantic brown trout. This state isn't all giant kids eating whole restaurants, you know. Parts of it are fairly civilized.

Anyway, nice rod. When you bring it over here, we'll make sure to lead it to the right waters.


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Sweet rod!  Some much needed

Sweet rod!  Some much needed motivation after starting my first build this morning. 

kernel j


Nice build...and on a PB Quickline blank!  Might have to try one of those myself on the next project, I like my Rainforest II in a 9' 8wt.  PB's don't get enough recognition from rodbuilders in general, these are quality blanks at a very nice price.  I'd put them next to any of the big names built on in the past.


Gettin' razzed about the "dually" handle I see.  Never understood those on Shimano spinning reels in the past, they still make a Spirex with such a handle.  In recent years I've noticed on Symetres, when the handle is in high position, gravity will pull it down and spin the rotor.  Not a biggie, but kind of annoying when fishing carp or suckers as it looks like a run.  Does the double handle avoid this occurrence altogether?  One can see where it would potentially balance better and not want to fall to lowest position like a single handle reel does.  


It's funny, after all the years of smirking at the idea, I find myself wondering about it again after all the hype dies down.  Yeah, it's cool to have a smooth and spinny reel, but when the single handle falls down and turns the rotor with it's own weight after setting just right it's a pisser.  Perhaps I need a dually.


Out of curiosity, got a shot of the front on the screwdown reelseat?  Was wondering if you had to trim the thread or size it just right to avoid exposure once the reel is tightened down.  Never used a reelseat of that type, assuming you simply finish off the end/arbor with epoxy?


PS...you're a rodbuilding junkyenlightened

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Nice work! Looks gorgeous. Love the canadian coin too; a stylish touch! I think I'd like to try making a rod someday, but for now I'm intimidated by all the clamps/tools that I'd need.

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Yep - that's one really ooooooollllllld 'nuck penny - eh! ;)

So, when you do make your way to the GWN, be sure to keep a few loonies in yer pocket for good luck! ;) 

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Nice looking set up, very

Nice looking set up, very stealthy

10 weight, what’s that like a medium-heavy and what species do you plan to target with it?

Does that double handle make it easier to back-reel?

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Ifin' the 10wt had ERN of 10

Ifin' the 10wt had ERN of 10.5 (a AFTM "10wt") then it would have an upper end lure weight of 5/8oz or roughly "Medium" by most 'merican freshwater spinning manufacturers figurin'.

Hengelaar's has an estimated ERN of something like 11.9 - common due to the fact that many people chucking "tens" are throwing more than the customary 30' of line (AFTM specs).  so this is more like an AFTM 11-12 WT rod, estimated top end lure weight 23/64 of an oz  (just under 3/4oz or Medium-heavy').  Those blanks are a pretty fast taper by fly standards and quick to dampen.  Still slower than most standard spin rods - at least in the US

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Thanks Mr. Dutch, stealthy is exactly what I was going for!


Kernel, I don't have a pic of the inside front of the reel seat. Didn't have to do any trimming, but would have if the thread had been exposed with the reel in place. Yep, I just filled it with epoxy and tape.


I ain't fishing with no reel that doesn't have a double handle. I dig double handles because: 1. BALANCE. 2. I tink they make the reel look pretty. Just looks and feels right to me. Very personal, of course. I actually never back-reel when I'm fighting a fish....


What do I hope to catch on this rod? Anything and everything that will put a good bend in it and make that reel scream!

Some year, I'd really like to cast spoons and the like (from shore) for Salmon. With that rod...

Fishn sure is neat

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Nice Gijs!

I'll be doin' it here soon, just need a little extra cash for the parts.  Looks real good man.