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Build-make-tie-hack section

How about a section for other hobbies, can be fishing related or not. So far I have seen trapping, rod building, fly and lure making, knife making, antler collecting, pen turning etc........

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What a great idea.

It's done.  enjoy!

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Awesome awesome Idea!
I cant wait to see this 

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Cool idea. Amazingly fast

Cool idea. Amazingly fast response. Can't wait to see what crazy stuff people are coming up with. I'm working on perfecting a kind of grub fly I've never tied before, and if it works out I'll definitely add some photos and info. Should be a great sucker fly. I'm imagining it in the mouths of hogsuckers.

I remember there being some discussion of a stuff for sale/stuff wanted forum, back when we were all throwing in ideas for the new site. I sometimes want to mention shirts or posters or something that I have to sell, but I feel dirty doing it in the general discussion forum. Would it make sense to mention such things I've made to sell in the build/make/tie/hack forum? I don't think so. Still feels wrong to me.

People might find it useful as a way to sell their extra gear to other roughfishers, but adding yet another forum might be too much. After all, one of the strengths of this site has always been the small number of forums.


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