Buffalo, Smallmouth James Mcward

Buffalo, Smallmouth
Carlyle Illinois
Date Caught: 
Saturday, June 22, 2013
6 Pounds


Hengelaar's picture

That looks like a Bigmouth...


Fishn sure is neat

Paul Scott's picture

That looks like a Bigmouth Buffalo to me because the lip is not down like a sucker. But, I do not care. I just want to find a place to catch and release Buffalo Suckers. Carlyle is a drive for me, but it is worth the trip if I know where to fish ahead of time. Have you caught or seen others catch bigger fish? Where do you fish on the lake to catch them? I have caught them using Euro-style carp fishing techniques, but not in Illinois. I am trying to find them before the spawn is over. I just do not know where to go in Illinois, but Carlyle keeps popping up. Let me know if you have some ideas where to catch big buffalo in Illinois. It has to be some place open to the public and where I can legally park my car close. Thanks. Paul