Brown Bullhead Adventure

We trekked down some backwoods trails in search of the elusive Brown Bullhead



Brown Bullhead Adventure
Posted on June 29, 2007

           I have been searching for a Brown Bullhead for a few years. I just have no picture of this particular fish for my lifelist, and the species contest was the perfect time to go out after them. Corey and I had found a lake full of them according to DNR reports, just a few miles down an old logging road from our outpost at Remote Lake. So, on a sweltering late June evening we took off in pursuit of the elusive Brown. Recent storms had downed many trees along the route, and maneuvering a truck with a kayak on top was a bit of a challenge. Just in case, we brought a chainsaw but never needed it. A few times, we drove under large Poplar trees hung up in the branches over the road and cleared by just an inch. So with the GPS we found our way on the trail, jumping puddles and going under trees that could fall at any minute. We got lost only a few times.

george sunset.jpg




Once at the lake access, we found only a weed-choked backwater with a small channel cut by outboards. This was a duck-hunting slough choked with wild rice, frequented more by Labrador retrievers than anglers. We were skeptical at first, but since we were here we were determined to give it a shot and began fishing with nightcrawlers. At sunset, the lone cloud formation looked like some kind of predatory fish chomping on the horizon. It started as a pike, then became a bowfin before finally morphing into a grungy chinook.

lighted bobbers.jpgBefore dark , I got a bite and landed a large Bluegill. I was disappointed. After it got dark and we fired up the lantern, suddenly my lighted float began to dance. I let the fish take the bait for a long time, then set the hook. A fish throbbed on the end of the line, and sloshed in the darkness...........near shore I saw it was a Bullhead, and flipped the fish onto the bank. It was the Brown Bullhead I was looking for! We did a quick ID and put the fish into a bucket.

brown bull2.jpgThis was new lifelist addition for me, a species that I had caught many times but never taken a picture of. Man, was i happy to get one! I caught four more nice Brown Bullheads and Corey got one as well, and we kept them for a meal. We caught these fish in just two feet of water in a narrow channel of a duck slough. And there were ducks everywhere. Woodies, Ringbills, Mallards, Teal........we just may have to come back here in October. Anyway, you gotta love it when a plan comes together..........
Andrew Geving, Roughfisher at Large


Species List: 
Bullhead, Brown


Moose439's picture

This report made me smile man, classic RF.

i CT (where my grandparents live) we use lighted bobbers to imitate a firefly much like how you would use a popping cork to attract small bass. the bullhead warily come up to the float and come upon a slice of chub dangling a few inches down. oh how delicious fried catfish are.