Broken Photobucket images fix

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Broken Photobucket images fix

While I still encourage folks to replace photobucket with images hosted here on the site, ther is a fix out there.  Well, it lets you see the images instead of the broken links thing.  It is a Chrome browser extension -




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Thank you!

Thank you for sharing that again. 
I am so behind on getting everything transferred over the the awesome album available here on RF. 

So sad they had to hold us all hostage over rediculous prices. I would have paid 20-50 a year but not the $400 or whatever it was. 


It is all perspective!

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Thanks for sharing :) Super

Thanks for sharing :) Super useful, now I can go stalk old forums again haha!

Eric Kol
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I've got alot of photos over
I've got alot of photos over there 

Carpy Diem!

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Handy Dandy

Glad this exists! Got it to go on my FireFox.

I go deep, and reread favorite reports all the time. Now I can enjoy them again.


Yeah, botophuket can heck right off and take a flying frig. I love the weekly emails they're sending me, "3 reasons to upgrade your account!" Yeah? I think not. I got 3 reasons you can heck right off.


I'll be hosting all my photos here from now on. If I ever catch enough cool stuff to put together a decent report....

Fishn sure is neat

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3 reasons to upgrade & 400

3 reasons to upgrade & 400 reason$$$ to tell 'em to botophuket...  BTW, tell Firefox to GO CHROME, as well

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!