bowfin eyes

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bowfin eyes

i caught this bowfin apr28 and its eyes were different from what i knew of bowfin eyes.

i have caught a few hundred bowfin and their eyes were always pure black.....

in fact the black eyes were so black they captured the imagination.....

this bowfin had eyes that seemed illuminesent or light reflective...

both in and out of the water....

is it caused by bacteria?  blindness? or a night time feature i was unaware of?



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eye flukes

I think that fish suffers from eye flukes which makes him blind. These parasites cycle through fish-eating birds (gulls) and their guts, then droppings picked up by snails, then snails eaten by fish ... You can see the larvae in the eye.

I think swimmers'  itch is caused by them too, only the cycle then ends in our skin. 


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