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Captain Brandt
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anybody know where I can find bowfin in the Chippewa Falls Eauclaire area. Or Douglas county Wi?  

Been trying to find them and no luck.   Rumor is they’re in half moon lake in Eauclaire but I haven’t seen any in there.

this is my quest this year to get one of these guys. 


Walworth county bowfin

Hey, I am in the Walworth county area (which is pretty far away), but I have been catching loads of bowfin recently at a nearby dam. The dam is in palmyra below lower spring lake and it feeds into the scuppernong river. If your willing to make the drive you will have a pretty solid chance of catching one.

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Check PM

I fished that area pretty intensely for a summer and caught a lot of bowfin. Sending you a PM with pins of the places I had success

Captain Brandt
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thanks guys I’ll check out those spots.