Black Buffalo question????

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Black Buffalo question????

I know bigmouth buffs are really picky and tough to catch, what I've heard from guys/gals that get smallmouth buffs is they aren't nearly as tough.  Smallmouths from what I've been told can be caught more like carp, with crawlers etc.  

What do you use for bait on Black buffs and are they as picky as bigmouths or more willing like smallmouths just harder to find?  I'm just curious when we fish areas that have them if there is something different we need to do as far as bait and setup.  Thanks for any help.


Dr Flathead
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They feed more like Smalley

They feed more like Smalley buffs that bigmouths. Around sand bars. Also main channel bottle neck areas. Around bridges. The Minnesota probably has the best population of them here. Either way they are pretty low numbers so patience is going to be key. Bottom rigged crawlers have caught most of them I would bet.

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Thank you Doc, I really

Thank you Doc, I really appreciate the info my friend.


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Moving Bait

I've also heard of a few being caught on drifting/moving bait. I have always understood that they are similar to Smallmouth Buffs in their feeding habits/preferences. I've heard reports of SM Buffs smacking jigs bounced along the bottom, so I imagine Blacks will as well.

They're not really a species you set out to target, since their numbers are so low here in Minnesota, but if you spend enough hours on the water, you never know what you'll get!

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They are pretty common in my

They are pretty common in my local river system, I typically catch them and smallmouth buffs together. I'm typically either sight fishing them with a redworm, or chumming them in with creep feed and using worm for bait