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One day while reading the expedition reports I came to a conclusion, I'm sure its along the lines of what many of you are thinking as well, how exactly do some of these people on this site do what they do? At some points I've been so intrigued that I've asked certain members how exactly they do what they do. I'm not quite sure how this would work and if it would get implemented but what about Bios that are simliar to expedition reports that include how that person become obsessed with fishing, how they make time for it, and the problems obsessive fishing can create in ones life (I'm sure we all have those stories). Imagine, we could answer all of's life questions?

How exactly do people accomidate 150+ specie lists that DONT include variants, subspecies, and hybrids! What inspires Mike B to take such awesome pictures, how does DavidG always catch that BIG fish, how did Moose dominate the species contest, and the list goes on and on...

It'll probably call for some narcissism, so maybe its more of an "in theory" because some anglers won't indulge their secrets or madness but imagine the awesomeness of it all! People could even leave epic comments of memories past involving said anglers exploits...

Am I crazy or does this seem like a cool idea?

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Bios or profiles?

I think it's a great idea! I miss the "profile" feature that allowed users to include as much personal info as they wanted about themselves - just click on their username and their profile would pop up. I do agree with you a "bios" page for some of the more accomplished members* of this site would be very educational and insightful! Much better than any fishing shows on TV ~ one of the reasons I love this site - many fisherfolks here blow any TV fisherguys way out of the water, and they're REAL people! No camera crews, no staged catches or multiple takes for "dramatic effect," just real guys (and gals!) really angling for amazingly real, incredible fish!  


* especially the members you mentioned - speaking of, where is Mike B? He hasn't posted in ages, and of course the fish and landscapes in his pics are always awesome, but they are also very helpful as weather forecasts for us here in MN. All that cold air that was trapped up there in March has obviously been slowly oozing south where it should have been all winter, resulting in April and now May being a little cooler than hoped. 

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Great idea, Thanks for thinking of it.  I wish more people would float their ideas like this. It should be pretty easy to program.  I will work on it and make it happen.

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This is a really neat idea.

This is a really neat idea.
one of the things I find interesting is the different styles each of us use. 
For example when fishing in Florida Corey and I fished the same area differently. Not overly, but different enough to get different results. This was really nice because we were able to quickly learn patterns for individual species. 
A similar situation was had In Illinois with Hengalaar and Eric.

Perhaps a sample list of questions to answer in a bio situation. Almost like an interview. 

How do you physically aproach a new body of water?
What is your favorite fish finding technique to start fishign with?
What is you "Go to" Bait and rig?
and so on and so forth

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If there's a list of

If there's a list of questions, it should be programmed so that the ones you don't answer don't show up as blanks. That way a bunch of unanswered questions won't embarass those of us who don't know much.


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This is gonna be cool! I

This is gonna be cool! I like this idea.

I'd love to read some members' stories of how they got obsessed with fishing!




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