Bigmouth Buffalo

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Patrick Young
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Bigmouth Buffalo

The creek  I live by is loaded with common carp so it makes the fishing annoying at times when I'm targeting other fish. I've seen buffalo in the shallows of the creek, and my friend netted a northern hognose while trying to net a school of baby bullhead. Any ideas on how I could land a buffalo or a sucker before the ice comes? Thanks!

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sight fishing

Well, during the summer for those buffalo your best tactic will be sight fishing to individual fish. Pick one out from the herd of carp and put a tiny morsel right in their face. Cold water periods like this though, some guys catch bigmouth buffs on small white twister tail jigs. Toss one around an area where you think there are some buffalo around, ya never know. Be warned that bigmouth buffalo are one of the toughest species to catch anywhere. Many died in the wool roughfishers have failed to catch one, and others have only caught one or foolin