Biggest Fish I Ever Caught

Thursday, August 2, 2018
Sturgeon, Lake

This fish beats my previous biggest by about a foot (46" musky). A little while before this one bit I had a big fish on my light rod (6 lb mono) that I was working on for a while when my line snapped. Then I got a bite on my heavier rod (30 lb braid) that I could tell was a big fish, so I had something to make up for losing that first one. After a couple minutes I got this big fish closer to shore, but then it started running back to the deep. Then it kept running and running and I knew this would be the biggest fish I ever caught should I manage to land the beast. I was very thankful that something big had decided to bite on the heavier setup for once. After about 20 minutes of the fish running back to the deep anytime it was brought anywhere near the shore I finally got my first glimpse, and my mind had to divert some focus to devising a strategy to land this monster. Our mere landing net was not up for this job. After about five more minutes the sturgeon had insufficient energy to make my drag scream any longer, and I was able to grip one hand around the peduncle, and place my other hand under the the pectoral girdle, and carry my catch onto the land. After a couple of quick measurements and pictures, I lay the magnificent fish-beast back into the water for the unhooking and release. When I went to take the hook out, I noticed another hook in its mouth, same type that I use, familiar looking monofilament line (I would guess around 6 lb test), and I was once again grateful that it sucked up the half a crawler on my heavier equipment. The sturgeon sat where I left it in the water for just a minute, the slowly made its way back to the murky deep once again.


Dr Flathead's picture

Nice catch! Really cool it was the same one that broke you off. Don't see that hardly ever.

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That's a great fish, and an awesome fish story!

Fishn sure is neat

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Good stuff, man. Really good stuff.